Straight Wagers is proud to offer the largest selection of Straight Wagers available today. Straight Wagers, also known as Point Spread Wagers, are far and above the most common type of wager placed by sports betting enthusiasts today. These wagers can be placed very easily online at

In certain events and sports we will also offer 3-Way Betting. Also known as Win/Draw/Win or Home/Draw/Away. Bet on outcome of game, after regulation time, from 3 possible results. Home team wins. There is a draw or tie. Away team wins. 3-Way Betting only considers the outcome of the regulation time of the event, not overtime or shoot-outs.

In an attempt to make everything as clear as possible, we have chosen to dedicate a separate section to each specific sport. Each section includes specific details on the various wagers offered, and all necessary rules, regulations and calculations to make your wagering experience easy and exciting.

Please select from the links above to view the specifics for all sporting bets that are of interest to you.